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Renewed website receives favorable comment

“One of our friends visited our renewed website and commented so favorably on the new pictures and arrangement.”
— A Poor Clare mother superior (Dec. 11, 2010)

Get with it — a snazzy website is not enough

When they get a website, many business owners get upset when they don’t hear the phone ring off the hook. Let’s be honest, folks — a website is only part of your overall marketing strategy.

Get great sunsets and other photos free

Need some good artwork for your website or flyer? Rich Niewiroski happened to stop at a lake in Arizona at sunset and snapped this beautiful picture to the left. By uploading it to Wikimedia Commons, he is allowing the world to use it at no cost.
We used a great
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Why WordPress?

What’s so good about a WordPress website? Why not just make an ordinary static-page website?
A static-page website that you get, for example, as a template from a website hosting company, is limited. Here are a few reasons why we at TreeFrogClick work with WordPress websites:

Blog-enabled. WordPress contains a blog format,
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