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Search Engine expert to speak Jan. 15

How can my company rank at the top of the search engines?
This is a question asked more times than the number of stars in the sky. If you’re in Chicago Jan. 15 and you want to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you might want to go to the lecture
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Free SEO book helps Google ranking

There’s a free book released earlier this year that gives you 20 important tips that will help your website’s ranking in search engines. Provided by SEO Design Solutions, of Chicago, you can tell it’s written by geeks, because the title is, “Save Thousands on SEO with These 20 SEO Tips.”
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Are you falling for this money-losing marketing assumption?

Just last night my six-year-old son walked up to me, grinning from ear to ear. The reason was as plain as day: he had finally lost another baby tooth, and the gap was as big as the Grand Canyon. OK…. Why is there is such joy over losing something in
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Social media tops search engines in U.K.

As sure as the heat in a Chicago summer, there’s a real shift toward using social media over search engines. In the U.K., social media edged out search engine traffic in May, getting 11.88% of traffic, as compared to 11.33% for search engines, for the first time in history.
The trend
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Get into the writing habit

You’ve seen it before: the new website goes up, and the company owner begins with a bold stride, writing an article every week. Then he’s writing every month, and before you know it, a year has lapsed since anything has been written.
Good habits are hard to form, and whether it’s
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