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TreeFrogClick helps you gain clients with social media advertising

Getting clients to come to you

When was the last time you thought to yourself, “Why do I have to go banging on doors to get new customers?”

Doesn’t it burn you up?

If you are able to deliver real value to your customers or clients, and you want to grow your organization, what you need is advertising. Yes, there are other means, such as PR, or hiring a sales team. But the quickest and most controlled way of promoting your message is with paid advertising.

What kind have you tried?

Traditional advertising was one way: you placed an ad in a newspaper, magazine or on radio. Today your prospects interact with you, and with each other through social media. This opens up a world of opportunity and changes the rules of the game.

Beyond your network

When you work with TreeFrogClick, we begin by getting to know your business or non-profit, the uniqueness of your service or product, and then draw up a systematic plan to make your product understandable and desirable.

We work on expanding your audience to newcomers, mostly through paid advertising, andĀ strengthening the relationships that you already have.

We specialize in building a program around your Facebook fan page and enewsletters (yes, people still read them). Our job is to cultivate these leads into buying clients or donors. We see marketing as a conversation between you and your prospects. It’s a conversation in which their questions are answered. Thus, your relationship with them is cultivated as time goes on.

How we work with you

The most common way we work is with a monthly budget, with plans beginning at $700 (this includes ad spend). We also offer one-time consulting packages.

If you like what you read here, we might be a good fit for one another.Ā Contact us [1] today.

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