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Grow your non-profit with newsletter signups

It’s been said that the only purpose of Facebook is to grow your email list.
And I bet you thought email was dead.
After all, everyone gets bombarded with spam.
We all hate the tons of emails we get, but let’s admit it — everyone reads the letters of their favorite groups. Email
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How to get 1,550 Facebook “likes” in 5 days

Knowing the magic
There’s a way to get hundreds or even thousands of new people interested in your cause or product if you know the magic in Facebook ads.
Last week we here at TreeFrogClick gained 1,550 Facebook likes for a conservative leader with a simple ad that headlined, “Think IRS Scandal
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SEO is always – a changin’

When the members of the Chicago SEO Meetup arrived in downtown Chicago today and filled out their name tags, some of them were a bit confused over the marker given to them — they kept pulling what they thought was the pen cap  on one end, and they didn’t see
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BuddyPress provides Facebook-like website on the cheap

Remember when simple websites cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to produce? When the internet was new, high school geeks were making $5,000 a summer designing websites. But today, template-based websites can be made online and free, such as at Google Sites.
The latest step in website development is the ability
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Social media tops search engines in U.K.

As sure as the heat in a Chicago summer, there’s a real shift toward using social media over search engines. In the U.K., social media edged out search engine traffic in May, getting 11.88% of traffic, as compared to 11.33% for search engines, for the first time in history.
The trend
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Facebook presence enhances teacher’s website

When I met with Robert Kelly, a retired schoolteacher in the Chicago area yesterday, I wanted to emphasize one thing: building a website isn’t enough.
Bob tutors children and adults in language arts, and is an easygoing fellow. I imagine that his students do well and that their grades improve under
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Taking a stab at LinkedIn

Mover over search engines. Make way for your new rival — social media.
I’ve recently picked up a book that raves about how LinkedIn can deliver professional contacts and more business. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, which is for more general purposes, such as personal interests and causes. LinkedIn is more
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