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SEO – fading in importance?

Important, but overhyped?
Search Ranking Optimization (SEO) is a critical necessity for today’s internet-savvy business, and yet Google is always chasing down abusers of the system. In fact, the search leader is getting better and better at it with their various updates, such as Penguin and Panda. That means as time
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Free whitepaper: 16 white-hat Google search secrets

This past weekend we interviewed Steve Constable, a Chicago SEO expert, and published our discussion as a whitepaper. The whitepaper and newsletter announcing it has proved popular — 32% of our newsletter list read the newsletter only four hours after it was sent.
If you’d like to get the free whitepaper,
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Climbing above your competitors: Top SEO expert reveals white-hat secrets of how to rank #1 on Google

This week we interview Steve Constable, a top web designer and search engine optimization (SEO) marketer in Chicago. If you search on Google under “Chicago web design,” his company,, comes up first. That’s impressive.
We caught up with Steve this past weekend at the Chicago SEO Group. meeting in Chicago. At the
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The perennial question: why doesn’t my website rank high on Google?

One sore thumb that stuck out and ruined a website’s ranking — and it may happen to you
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What is one of the most common errors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Just yesterday I talked with a woman who was troubled that her
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Why SEO? Because they need to find you

Search Ranking Optimization (SEO) is a critical necessity for today’s internet-savvy businesses. Your website must first of all be properly built to be suitable for search engines such as Google. But that is not enough. You must put an SEO program into place, which means making regular updates on your
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A Yelp review can smash your online reputation

A man approached me. He was upset. I had just given a short explanation of online reputation management at a recent business breakfast.
“My name has been trashed online,” he complained. “The person who did it was not even a customer.”
The man was a successful acupuncturist, and now his reputation was
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Inbound links surpass content in what’s good for SEO

They said it again: inbound links have more muscle in search engine optimization (SEO) than content on your website.
For years, the mantra for SEO was “content is king.” In other words, lots of content about your company’s product or service on your website. Now, inbound links are more important, according
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Ten handy SEO tips for WordPress non-programmers

Do you use what is perhaps the best blogging platform for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – WordPress? Are you a writer, but not a computer geek or programmer?
You can greatly help your SEO efforts by following this brief set of points that does not require a degree in computer science.
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Slapped by Google — How a top SEO performer fell from grace

What can you expect when you get busted by Google?
Standing in front of the presentation screen, our speaker urgently told us, “Penguin was devastating to me. And there are many animals in the zoo.”
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This was indeed one the best talks given in a certain SEO
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SEO is always – a changin’

When the members of the Chicago SEO Meetup arrived in downtown Chicago today and filled out their name tags, some of them were a bit confused over the marker given to them — they kept pulling what they thought was the pen cap  on one end, and they didn’t see
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