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Two new workers for TreeFrogClick

TreeFrogClick just this week brought on two new workers. They are Lisa Graas, writer and author of the blog, Catholic Bandita. Lisa will be writing for the religious communities we serve, and will be a great help telling others about them on her very-popular blog.
Christopher Ciezczak recently graduated from the
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Our new syndicated columns

I’m happy to announce that I have begun a regular column on certain political/cultural websites. I enjoy writing about culture and Christianity, and although you may not agree with me all the time, I hope you’ll take a look at my musings.
Check out the archives of my columns at Western Journalism
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Six reasons why we at TreeFrogClick are thankful for this year

This time is a good time to reflect on some good signs this past year. Our company is growing. We at TreeFrogClick PR services thank all of our clients for working with us to help you reach your goals. Where we have faltered, we ask your forgiveness and accept our
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Why the Christmas message trumps all tragedies

Although a great tragedy has lessened our holiday joy this year, the story of Christmas gives us the solution.
I heard this in a sermon last week: God sent his Son into the world, not as an earthly emperor or king, not with the protection of bodyguards or adulation of kow-towing
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Benjamin Franklin explains the election

(Even if you don’t agree with our views here, we hope you get a chuckle out of this.)
Just outside of one of the polling centers in Philadelphia, a man wearing blue jeans and a tee shirt stepped outside onto the sidewalk.
“Hey!” he exclaimed with a shout. “I thought I saw
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Young lawyer passes up hot-shot career for higher goals

There are probably as many jokes about lawyers as there are about used car salesmen. You could say a lot of critical things about a lawyer, but they wouldn’t apply to Shun Ravago. His full name is Joseph Shun Ravago, but friends call him Shun (pronounced Shawn).
Shun, one of our
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How to get a good mug shot

I’m sorry if you chuckle when I talk about getting a good mug shot. I’m betraying my journalism background.
If you’re running a business, you need a good picture of yourself. Please don’t use the one you took in your backyard, with your eyes squinting in the sun and the broken
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Web visits jump tenfold after our client’s TV interview

Our apologies if we haven’t returned your emails promptly this week — one of our clients, the Visitation Sisters, of Brooklyn, NY were interviewed on EWTN Catholic TV on Wednesday. When you get publicity on one of the largest TV networks in the U.S., you get busy.

How do you take
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Rotating slide show highlights new website

Evangelizing those around them with the Gospel as well as helping the poor are the aims of the Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary, in Brooklyn, NY. We incorporated the now-popular rotating slide show on their home page in our design of this new website.
We let conventional
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Hire this man

I had a lot of fun working on the website, Sons of Liberty Media. Here’s what the owner, Jake MacAuley, said about our work today:
“The work Kevin did for us exceeded my expectations for more reasons than one.

“It is very difficult to even find a web guy that answers his
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