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Five ways to boost your promotion in 2015

Stuck in a publicity rut?
Here are five quick resolutions to boost your marketing program for 2015.
1. Get more Facebook likes
Simply ask for comments. Put up a compelling photo. Ask your fans to share it on their timelines with a request to like your page. Or boost your posts, using the
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You must grow your newsletter list — and here’s how!

Would you like to grow your business to the next level with a steady stream of prospects? Do it by building your newsletter list, and nurturing your readers with information that will help them.
You must add like-minded people to your email list. By like-minded, I mean those who could really
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Grow your non-profit with newsletter signups

It’s been said that the only purpose of Facebook is to grow your email list.
And I bet you thought email was dead.
After all, everyone gets bombarded with spam.
We all hate the tons of emails we get, but let’s admit it — everyone reads the letters of their favorite groups. Email
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Grow your email list with a savvy ad campaign

It’s been said that the only purpose of Facebook is to grow your email list.
Did you think that email was dead? After all, everyone gets bombarded with spam.
Not the least. To paraphrase Mark Twain: rumors of its death have been greatly exaggerated. We all hate spam, but let’s admit it
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A winning lead generation program

Does your advertising work?
Have you spent hundreds, or thousands of dollars on ads, and yet have a sinking feeling that they aren’t doing squat?
Or do you know that they aren’t, because — darn it — the phone just ain’t ringin’.
That’s why we here at TreeFrogClick designed our Lead Generation Program,
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4th of July firecracker — Why your paid ads blow up

Four explosive ideas for the “4th”: How to strengthen your landing page to win sales
Ever gone to the trouble to set up an ad on Google or Facebook, and get no results? Or paid an agency to do it, and the campaign flops?
Do you ever wonder, “How many clicks do
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How to get 1,550 Facebook “likes” in 5 days

Knowing the magic
There’s a way to get hundreds or even thousands of new people interested in your cause or product if you know the magic in Facebook ads.
Last week we here at TreeFrogClick gained 1,550 Facebook likes for a conservative leader with a simple ad that headlined, “Think IRS Scandal
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Expert ad man shows how Christianity and business can mesh

Good business means good work for the Lord
When I shook hands with the tall man with greying hair and a strong handshake this morning, I felt like a 10-year-old boy meeting his favorite caped superhero.
Terry Marshall, the world’s #1 expert in Google Adwords, was giving a workshop for beginning entrepreneurs
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An afternoon discovery that transformed a struggling business.

Adam Kreitman, a young entrepreneur, developed a fascinating product that received rave reviews from his friends and others: a topical testing device to detect illegal drug use. But he wasn’t finding buyers of the product.
When the realization finally hit that the world wasn’t coming to his door, Kreitman went out
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