Five ways to boost your promotion in 2015

Stuck in a publicity rut?
Here are five quick resolutions to boost your marketing program for 2015.
1. Get more Facebook likes
Simply ask for comments. Put up a compelling photo. Ask your fans to share it on their timelines with a request to like your page. Or boost your posts, using the
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Is Facebook a waste of time for nonprofits?

Are nonprofits wasting their time and efforts on Facebook promotion?
With only two percent of Facebook posts getting shown to viewers, you might question if Facebook is worth it.
Is it like maple seeds on a tree? Thousands fall to the ground, but only a few take root.
Nonprofit writer Allyson Kapin comments
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Facebook fanatic, I’m not. Will their ads help me?

Fans, if you have a few minutes, let me know what’s on your mind re: online marketing. Here are some typical trouble areas. Tell me where you have a concern and I can find an article I’ve written about it. Just contact me about it.
_ What’s better for me, Facebook
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How grandma got rid of grandpa

Want to know a family anecdote that’s been passed along from one generation to the next? It’s called “How grandma got rid of grandpa.”
It has to do with courtship and salesmanship. How far is a salesman allowed to push? It talks about my experience working in the ad department of
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When should your business marketing be personal?

Three important questions to ask about how to craft your branding
Is your business or non-profit branded around a company name, or around you?
In other words, in your ads, website, printed literature, do you emphasize you, or your company name?
This is a good question for many small organizations. If you offer
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You must grow your newsletter list — and here’s how!

Would you like to grow your business to the next level with a steady stream of prospects? Do it by building your newsletter list, and nurturing your readers with information that will help them.
You must add like-minded people to your email list. By like-minded, I mean those who could really
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Our “cold jokes” newsletter was either loved or hated

The reaction to our “Picasso flying south” email two days ago was a surprise. It seemed to divide our readers into two camps: hearts and darts.
The ten jokes about the weather were sent to our businesses and friends, and it got strong reactions — some loved them; others delivered scorn.
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It’s so cold in Chicago that even the Picasso…

Some laughs, to keep you from blaming the weatherman
It’s so cold in Chicago that the polar bears at Brookfield Zoo are at Macy’s buying fur coats.
It’s so cold here in Chicago that even the Picasso tried to fly south for the winter.
It’s been so cold in Chicago that the Auto
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Grow your non-profit with newsletter signups

It’s been said that the only purpose of Facebook is to grow your email list.
And I bet you thought email was dead.
After all, everyone gets bombarded with spam.
We all hate the tons of emails we get, but let’s admit it — everyone reads the letters of their favorite groups. Email
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