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Free SEO book helps Google ranking

There’s a free book released earlier this year that gives you 20 important tips that will help your website’s ranking in search engines. Provided by SEO Design Solutions, of Chicago, you can tell it’s written by geeks, because the title is, “Save Thousands on SEO with These 20 SEO Tips.”
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Digital Nativity puts Mary and Joseph on social media

Most businesses feel awkward about the religious meaning of Christmas. Should store clerks say “Merry Christmas” or  “Happy Holidays?”
A Portuguese web services company has plunged right into the Christmas story by producing a three-minute humorous video depicting the story of the birth of Christ as it might have occurred in
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BuddyPress provides Facebook-like website on the cheap

Remember when simple websites cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to produce? When the internet was new, high school geeks were making $5,000 a summer designing websites. But today, template-based websites can be made online and free, such as at Google Sites.
The latest step in website development is the ability
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Renewed website receives favorable comment

“One of our friends visited our renewed website and commented so favorably on the new pictures and arrangement.”
— A Poor Clare mother superior (Dec. 11, 2010)

“Accurate” video production

“We were extremely pleased with the short video produced by Our charism and spirit is communicated accurately and beautifully in this short video — without boring the viewer. As one of our friars is fond of saying, it was “short, sweet, and
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