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Facebook Chosen for Ford Explorer Unveiling

Fireworks and flashing lights used to be part of the hoopla used to introduce new cars from Detroit. But now it’s being done with the silent clicking of a computer mouse. The Ford Explorer on Monday was launched not on an auto showroom floor, but over Facebook.
The Explorer Facebook page
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Get great sunsets and other photos free

Need some good artwork for your website or flyer? Rich Niewiroski happened to stop at a lake in Arizona at sunset and snapped this beautiful picture to the left. By uploading it to Wikimedia Commons, he is allowing the world to use it at no cost.
We used a great
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Social media tops search engines in U.K.

As sure as the heat in a Chicago summer, there’s a real shift toward using social media over search engines. In the U.K., social media edged out search engine traffic in May, getting 11.88% of traffic, as compared to 11.33% for search engines, for the first time in history.
The trend
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The World Cup, and Why Soccer Will Never Succeed in the U.S.

The big game is over. And now that the winning Spaniards have shed copious tears in each others’ arms, I can be honest about the World Cup, and soccer in general. Listen up: the game will never be completely accepted in America. Here are the top four reasons:
1. Bad time
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Why WordPress?

What’s so good about a WordPress website? Why not just make an ordinary static-page website?
A static-page website that you get, for example, as a template from a website hosting company, is limited. Here are a few reasons why we at TreeFrogClick work with WordPress websites:

Blog-enabled. WordPress contains a blog format,
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Facebook presence enhances teacher’s website

When I met with Robert Kelly, a retired schoolteacher in the Chicago area yesterday, I wanted to emphasize one thing: building a website isn’t enough.
Bob tutors children and adults in language arts, and is an easygoing fellow. I imagine that his students do well and that their grades improve under
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Taking a stab at LinkedIn

Mover over search engines. Make way for your new rival — social media.
I’ve recently picked up a book that raves about how LinkedIn can deliver professional contacts and more business. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, which is for more general purposes, such as personal interests and causes. LinkedIn is more
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Get into the writing habit

You’ve seen it before: the new website goes up, and the company owner begins with a bold stride, writing an article every week. Then he’s writing every month, and before you know it, a year has lapsed since anything has been written.
Good habits are hard to form, and whether it’s
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